Have you been a victim of flashy furniture store sales, only to still spend a large amount but the quality was horrendous? Yup. We’ve all been there. All we want is value for money, right? Not to say that you don’t pay for quality, but sometimes choosing for the sake of what we can afford never really turns out to be what we had envisioned. If only it was as easy to get what we imagined, with what we can afford, for it to last forever. That’s where custom-made furniture comes in. Did you think that could ever be an option?

Everyone is always bummed out by the astronomical prices that furniture comes with. I mean, when you think of the littlest accessories to the big functional ones, how sad is it when it doesn’t even last 6 months to even a year. Store-bought furniture has just become a time-consuming, unnecessary hassle and not to mention holes in our pockets. This is why I have put together 7 benefits of custom-made furniture that I am sure you have probably never known about.

7 Benefits of Custom-Made Furniture

1. Superior quality

This is probably the most valuable benefit that custom made furniture has. You don’t want to pay for an item that you have to keep replacing yearly or even monthly. The price you pay most often is a reflection of the quality you’re getting. The quality you get from custom-made furniture provides much better, lasting, and superior quality with your preference in mind. Items that are custom made are guaranteed to be done with precision and effort. The purpose of quality when it comes to furniture is to provide longevity. Longevity is what reflects your value for money. Purchasing mass-produced furniture comes with knowing that their primary problem is that they use lower-grade materials. Investing in custom made items allows you to have confidence in the quality of what you’ve requested and paid for. Furniture that is built to last.

2. Custom made furniture allows for self-expression

An added advantage of having custom made furniture in your home or space is that it can express and represent who you are. It allows you to be creative and tailor the design space you have in mind. Oftentimes, purchasing store-bought furniture comes with having to select the best option. However, buying custom-made furniture allows you to have your first choice. You also don’t run the risk of having the same furniture as friends or family, just what is unique to you and your style. Self-expression is one of the main features of a custom-made item. It is good to stand out in the things you invest in, especially if it is something that you express your nature and aesthetic in.

3. You’ll save money and time

We have already touched on the hassle that comes with store-bought furniture. If you think about the hours you spend online just going through each store’s catalogue or maybe even window shopping on the weekends, it is exhausting. Not only are you draining your time but also your budget. Especially when you start compromising value and quality for the price. Custom-made furniture saves you the time from going through each store as you get to work with the carpenter and get to specify your design and material requests directly. This allows you to spend on exactly what you ask for and have the confidence to know the quality of how it is being made. Mass-produced furniture does not give you a breakdown of what you are paying for, where you pay for the value of the brand or import. And paying for a brand does not always ensure quality.

4. More value

Features that represent value, in this case, will look like quality and longevity. How strong and efficient the material of your furniture item is made of determines how long it will last. This represents the value that it carries. Mass-produced furniture offers lower value as it does not always last very long due to the poor quality that it often has. Spending more money regularly should not be a priority on high-value items. Big furniture items such as headboards, TV dividers, consoles, dining tables, all should not have to be replaced yearly. It is important to get the most value out of compulsory furniture. Custom-made furniture saves you from needing to replace these items regularly but rather invest in your specific furniture where you know for sure that it will be of value in 5-10 years or even more. Custom-made furniture guarantees you the value that mass-produced manufacturing can’t.

5. The perfect fit

It is never fun when you have to move house and the furniture you always had does not fit or accommodate your new space. Nor is it convenient when you need to clear up more space and have furniture that is taking up too much space. This is why custom-made furniture is designed with your needs in mind. From size to colour, to materials and design, you get to choose your furniture to accommodate your space. Not the other way around.

6. Functionality/Practicality

Ready-made furniture might seem like the most convenient at the time, however, in the long run, it may not prove to be the most practical. As much as aesthetics is important, functionality is just as important. Especially, when you need additional storage space or a certain shape to fit a gap. Custom-made furniture allows room for specific requirements according to your specifications. Whether it is dimensions or materials, always think about the long-term effects.

7. Environmentally friendly

This is an integral factor in how you and where you choose your furniture. The effect your product has on the environment makes all the difference in how sustainable it is. Buying custom-made furniture allows you to be set apart in playing an advantageous role in your environment and the difference you’re making in the bigger picture. Is what you’re supporting harming the environment, or helping it? The materials you choose are important as well as the source that is manufacturing the furniture.

As you can see from above, the benefits of custom-made furniture have long-term effects and offer you more return on your investment than mass-produced furniture. Ready to make your interior design dreams come true and make a difference in your environment? Contact Practical Wood Work today and get ready to have that home and space you’ve always envisioned.