What is your favourite piece of furniture for your home? Is it the wooden storage cabinet that you organised all your belongings in? Or maybe the beautiful outdoor deck that you love hosting guests on? Whatever your favourite piece of furniture is, good wood can help make it even better. Whether it’s wooden floors, wooden picture frames, wooden toys, or wooden doors—good wood can be used to not only increase the value of a product but also provide an aesthetic appeal for any room in your home. In fact, according to experts, every room in your house can be improved with good wood! 

Wood is a fantastic material for interior design and can add imposing stature, or warmth and charm to any abode. Are you just trying to get the space you live in to look nice? Or are you looking to add a more rustic feel to your home? While wood is not just known for its outdoor look and feel, in a contemporary design and style, wood can transform any room or space to make it look however modern or traditional you want it to. Do you know good wood when you see it? Here’s a guide on knowing where to make the most of good wood.

Different Ways To Use Good Wood To Accentuate Your Home:

  1. Statement wooden accent walls

An accent wall made of wood is an interior element that does wonders for any room.  Adding this style and texture can add an element of interest to a room.  In addition, wood adds dimension and warmth to a room.  If you want to make a strong statement and upgrade the ordinary, then adding wood accents will do the trick. Livinator shows us many ways to feature this wall and more importantly the key spots to add it.

  1. Wooden panel dividers

These can brighten up a space with contemporariness. Whether it is installed or portable, it is a recurring trend that people enjoy sprucing their home with. It also serves multiple purposes with the one being that it is aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Gypsum false ceiling 

Installing a wood false ceiling has many great features but more especially for its wide variety of finishes. From vanished to laminated, the options are vast. Like an accent wall, the wooden ceiling adds an aesthetically pleasing element to any home. 

  1. Wooden flooring

Enhance the look and warmth of your home by adding wooden flooring. Depending on the style and design of the architecture, wooden floors can be used to complement any modern, contemporary, rustic, or minimalistic style. Wooden floors have many advantages, including their longevity, strength, durability, low maintenance, the increased value of your home, cost-effectiveness, and provides better air quality.

  1. Reading nook or bookshelf

Adding a wooden reading nook or bookshelf is the perfect, timeless, and classic piece to add to a space. It breaks the theme to successfully add more character and personality in a space.

  1. A home office or study

Imagine that you live in a space where it’s impossible to concentrate. But you don’t mind because it looks good. Wood works wonders in the home, except when it makes it impossible to work at home. Interestingly, work makes it better to concentrate so a home office could be the best start to accentuate with good wood. Real homes beautifully elaborate on the different ways to incorporate good wood in a home office providing different ideas and styles.

  1. Wooden finishes

There’s nothing like looking at cupboards, doors, shelves, dividers, etc, and thinking “this looks dull”. While these may be the objects and furnishings you look at every day, you might as well make it worth something to look at, right? Adding wooden furnishings to cupboards and cabinets will really make all the difference. It is pleasing to the eye, it looks neat, can be easy to clean and maintain, and most importantly it contributes to the style and theme of any design depending on the colour and finish.

  1. Laminate/wallpaper wood finishing’s

Textured wallpaper is a big trend at the moment and there’s no doubt why. It is ideal for adding a rustic feel to a home and is an ultimate decorative feature. It is impossible to truly design a home until it reflects the personalities that inhabit it and reflects the style of those living there. Wood panel wallpaper is a good addition that can transform any house into a home. From wooden inscriptions to stylish bamboo to classic wood panels, the options are unlimited. 

  1. Wooden beds

It’s no surprise that the quality of your sleep depends on the quality of your bed. Wooden beds have been around for a long time and is an item that never seems to go out of style. It is most people’s first choice due to its durability, longevity, and its overall timeless look. It is an element that speaks strength and harmony to any bedroom. Because of the woods’ strength and durability, it can be made to accommodate multiple purposes such as a trundle bed or even a bunk bed. It is human nature to be connected with nature, and the moment you make the connection, you feel relaxed and relieved. Wooden beds make you feel close to nature even while you are sleeping.

To find good wood you have to go to the right suppliers. Finding the right supplier means making a connection and meeting them face-to-face. Apart from finding good wood, the quality of the wood makes no difference if it is not designed or manufactured purposefully. Good wood entails the whole process from choosing the right wood to manufacturing, designing, and installing furniture pieces. Practical Wood Work helps with all your wooden interior ideas from planning to manufacturing and all the way to installing the best wood possible. No more sorting through the piles yourself! For all your wooden interior or exterior needs, get in touch with Practical Wood Work today.