Have you been considering getting rid of all your sad, torn, and worn furniture? Furniture that has seen so many holidays, so many birthdays, so many lazy Sundays, so many family dinners. It is furniture that deserves to be remembered. Your old furniture has seen better days. But what if I told you that you could renew old furniture instead of throwing it away?

An important aspect of a good home is having good-looking and comfortable furniture. We all want a comfortable living room that we can relax in with our friends and family around us. But as time passes, our furniture will inevitably start to look older and lose its comfortability. Colour fading is inevitable with any kind of furniture. Sunlight, stains, water damage; all these factors contribute towards the colour fading and worn out look out of your perfectly good furniture.

The most important thing to consider when renewing old furniture is making use of the right tools. If you’re lacking ideas on how to renew old furniture back to how it used to look, continue reading for a few tips.

8 hacks to renew old furniture:

Here’s how you can restore and renew old furniture without stripping it and sanding it.

1. Wax fillers

A wax filler stick is usually used to repair finished furniture and to fill in cracks and holes. The wax does not require a heat source to melt or apply, and it is available in a variety of colours and finishes for any furniture piece.

2. Steam out dents

A small amount of water can be used to fix minor dents on furniture surfaces.

3. Disconnect any hardware

This will make it easier to clean and treat furniture surfaces.

4. Wipe on mineral spirits

Mineral spirits help temporarily saturate the finish. This will help you assess the condition of the furniture you are renewing and decide on the next steps. 

5. Clean the entire surface

The cleaning of dirt and grease from the surface is a necessary part of furniture restoration. This ensures that the new coating sticks well.

6. Fix the white rings

In most cases, the simplest way to remove white spots is to apply the respective substance to the water ring or heat stain, and allow it to sit for one hour. Then, you’ll want to rub gently and work the mark with a cloth, taking care not to damage the surrounding area.

7. Fill in cracks and damaged pieces

Cover small cracks on the furniture with the coloured wax stick. Press it lightly over the imperfection to fill it in. Missing pieces, damaged corners or mouldings, or other imperfections can be restored with epoxy putty. You can use it to fill little imperfections or missing pieces

8. Use gel stain to restore the original colour

If the furniture has been repaired as well as possible, then you can proceed with re-staining it. You may need to do this to restore the original colour.

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