Most recommended types of wood to use outdoors

Which type of wood to use outdoors? Is a question we frequently ask others or are asked by others. Among the various options suitable for this purpose, some wood is naturally resistant to weathering while others are chemically treated.

For starters, before you decide on the type of wood to use outdoors, you need to know about the type of wood to use outdoors. The forest industry in South Africa is dominated by pine, eucalyptus trees, a variety of timber species, and many more. All of these are generally excellent for wooden decks or are the type of wood to use outdoors. 

Here are the most common and most recommended types of wood to use outdoors:

1. Rhodesia Teak

It grows in Zambia and Zimbabwe and is also known as Zambezi redwood, Umgusi, and Mukushi. The texture of Rhodesian teak is fine and even, with black specks and significantly whiter sapwood. Rhodesian teak has great resistance to abrasion and decay because of its weight and hardness.

2. Rosewood from Africa

Tanzania, Zambia, Angola, and Zimbabwe are all home to this plant. African Rosewood has a straight, relatively fine grain that is pink to red-brown with purple streaks.

3. The Ipe (pronounced ee-pay)

Ipe can be sealed to keep its natural colour and beauty, or it can be aged to a silver-grey hue. Ipe lasts 3-5 times longer than other woods like redwood or cedar and is more resistant to fire, insects, weather, and movement. By comparison, Ipe is unquestionably the greatest wood to use outdoors.

4. Red Iron Bark

It is one of the densest woods available, with a 30-year outdoor life expectancy. One of the rare timber varieties that do not float in water is Red Iron Bark. It has a reddish-brown finish and is quite stable, making it ideal for the African climate.

5. Meranti

It’s a long-lasting wood that’s been utilized in South Africa for many years. It ranges in colour from pale brown to a reddish-purple. Meranti is a particularly popular wood to use outdoors, one of the best types of wood for outdoor use because it is readily available in big lengths and thick planks.

6. Rhino Modified Wood

Rhino Modified Wood is a good wood to use outdoors that originates and is manufactured in South Africa. Rhino Wood uses sustainably sourced South African pine and modifies it with thermal/heat treatment and Hot Wax Compound impregnation. This technique increases the density of the wood to 100%, which is comparable to or better than most of the wood used for decking (wood decking) in the area. The minimal maintenance requirements of the material make it an excellent choice as it can generate silver/aged effects (leave untreated), enhance load-bearing capacity, surface hardness, and fungal decay resistance, and reduce termite and wood borer damage.

7. Zebrano

Zebrano is one of the most popular exotic hardwoods or popular wood for outdoor use for a reason. In reality, there are a number of them! Zebrano, sometimes known as Zebrawood because of its dramatic, vivid stripy appearance, is a great way to stand out. This lovely dark brown and cream wood is naturally pest resistant and incredibly durable, making it an excellent contender for luxury projects as a veneer or furniture building.

8. Wenge

Consider Wenge for your next project if you want something a little more subtle, yet no less classy or luxurious. It is also one of the best woods for the outdoors in South Africa. Darker tropical woods appear to be gaining popularity in the architectural world.

This dynamic species, as always, combines an elegant attractive appearance with incredible physical durability. This hardwood is extremely hard, hefty, and long-lasting, making it ideal for flooring. It’s also naturally termite-resistant.

9. Utile

Utile, another African Redwood, is prized for its mahogany-like appearance. Indeed, the species has many aesthetic and technical similarities, including a reddish-brown colour with purple undertones and excellent endurance. The species has an attractive, interlocking grain that is common in tropical hardwood timbers, and it combines the robustness of mahogany with a touch of the exotic. Utile is also supposed to be naturally resistant to insects and decay.

Do you want a little something different, a little more exotic? Our expertise includes importing and manufacturing many types of wood for outdoor use, as well as a commitment to sustainability and excellence. Get in touch with our helpful team at Practical Wood Work to discuss your requirements if you’re searching for something unique.